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Supporting San Diego With Care

San Diego Business Relief Fund

Your donations provide direct relief to businesses based in San Diego, funding their essential services and their workers.

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Our primary focus in 2020 was to obtain as many resources as possible, build out our platform, and to deliver those resources to small businesses and entrepreneurs. By end of year, we acquired unlimited licensing for several software/programs, enough server space to host 2000 local business websites and we finished our platform that allows businesses to collaborate, learn, develop, and launch completely for free.


With the success of our resource gathering mission in 2020, we have progressed onto active fundraising for qualified businesses. The Business Relief Fund is one of several funds initiated in 2021.

Working Together to Support Our
Local Businesses

In March 2020, COVID shook the world and it has been a devasting reality for small businesses and entrepreneurs. A month later hyprlocal | 501c3 was formed in response to the wide shutdown and rapidly growing unemployment. Our organization is meant to be a resource center for small businesses and entrepreneurs. At the core of our organization is the belief that communities should have the resources to advance economically. Our platforms are strategically designed to build community-based infrastructure that enable ongoing funding to support community-based initiatives.

Reimagine Capitalism

hyprlocal is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization making all donations tax-exempt.